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Hearing is believing, but seeing is out of the question

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ_Q What is Invisible Stereo?

FAQ_AIn straight terms, the use of a Audio Transducer, a 2.2 lb. magnet, equipped with a 1" edgewound aluminum voice coil, that when properly installed onto the backside of a sheetrock or paneled wall or ceiling, creates accurate reproduction of sound frequencies by turning up to a 8 foot diameter of the exterior surface of that location into a full range, 20-20,000 Hz resonating speaker surface!

FAQ_QDoes it cost more than regular in-wall speakers?

FAQ_AAbsolutely not! You’ll get more sound for less money than any comparable conventional speaker system. And, of course, it’s Invisible!

FAQ_QHow does it sound compared to a conventional speaker?

FAQ_AFantastic! With Invisible Stereo large areas of wall and/or ceiling can produce 180 degree hemispherical dispersion from each channel.  This allows for a truly seamless overlap of the Surround image and effects.  No dead spots or weak areas.  And with such thorough saturation of the environment, tremendous realism and presence can be achieved, yet at much lower dB and SPL levels.

FAQ_QWhy should I buy it over speakers?

FAQ_AIn the years since the reproduction of sound advanced beyond the cylinder/gramophone stage to using a Transducer (magnet/voice coil) assembly and various designs of diaphrams, cones, horns, enclosures, etc.; the size, cost, and appearance of the speaker itself has often been its own worst enemy. Big speakers sound great but cost a lot of money and take up space. Smaller varieties cost less (usually) but just don't create the sensation of "being there"!

FAQ_QHow does it work?

FAQ_AInvisible Stereo uses the back half of a speaker assembly, the magnet and voice coil, and sends frequency waves across the room side surface of the wall or ceiling, creating accurate, sympathetic resonation's up to 8 feet in diameter. It just does a bigger, better job of producing sound than a much smaller speaker!

FAQ_QMy questions were not answered here?

FAQ_ASubmit your questions via this e-mail link:, or call us at (901) 240-7999.

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