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Hearing is believing, but seeing is out of the question

Invisible Stereo U.S.A. can custom design and install your home theater, multi-room audio, or home automation systems. With over 33 years experience in home audio design and installation you’ll have peace of mind knowing we have the experience to meet or exceed your expectations. Our audio systems feature “invisible speaker” technology using audio transducers, allowing the system to be literally designed into the walls of your house. No holes, no grills, no cabinets, you have to hear it to believe it. We have systems that fit every budget from the very basic to absolute state of the art home theater systems. Our dealer network located across the country is available for custom audio and home theater installations.

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16 x 9 Black Flame Projector Screen

Our goal is to visually bring you the ultimate cinematic screen experience

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Black Flame's patented natural color technology is an exciting new concept in front projection screens that when combined with light fusion technology, provides a visually awe inspiring front projection experience. Projection home theater has never been seen in a better light, literally.

Black Flame screens deliver the plasma-like screen experience to your home or place of business at sizes plasma could only dream of. And with its natural color technology, at cost effective prices that plasma could only dream of as well.

Lights on or lights off, Black Flame breaks through past & present myths of front projection being an expensive endeavor for those lucky few with dedicated (dark) theater rooms. Black Flame dispels the notion that front projection can't compete with the color vividness of richness of plasma. With Black Flame's naturally color technology, no longer must you purchase a projector that costs half of a small car and a screen that costs the other half.

Black Flame brings front projection to any wall in your home, whether it's your living room, family room, bedroom, or den. Black Flame brings the "WOW" factor to your sport's bar or place of business and keeps patrons coming back for more.

Never before have 'lights on' and daytime viewing looked so good and cost so little. Never before has controlled viewing been so uncompromised by the ambient technology.

Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

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Black Flame patented color technology

Daytime viewing or controlled viewing, Black Flame's patented color technology is designed specifically for maximum contrast in all sorts of lighting conditions. Black Flame screens are a fusion of RGB pigments designed to specifically work more efficiently with the RGB bands of your projector. This increased efficiency of both reflection and absorption of color combines to maximize both ambient and controlled viewing experiences.

No longer is front projection tied to a dedicated light controlled Home Theater. Instead, any free wall space in a bedroom, den, living room, family room, or over a fireplace mantle now becomes a fine choice for a front projection system and the center of your ultimate entertainment experience.

Paired with our recommended fusion substrates... it provides the best achievements in both ambient and controlled viewing experiences that can be accomplished by the DIY or professional custom HT screen builder


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