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Hearing is believing, but seeing is out of the question


 No Holes! No Grills! No Cabinets!  Design Your System literally "into your home"

Entertainingly 'High' volumes without  High "Sound Pressure Levels"(SPLs)  Omnidirectional sound dispersal pattern Up to 8' feet in diameter per Transducer!

Multi-driver capability combines 2,3,4,6, or 8 transducers per channel.  WOW!

Use Crossovers (active or passive) to create dedicated wall sized frequency response areas (2-3-4 way etc.)

Subwoofer capability:
turn floors or lower walls into Ultra Low Frequency Bass Radiators!

Rugged and reliable:  systems still in use Nationwide after 25 years!  Most Versatile, Affordable and Widest Frequency Response full range speaker ever made! ( in 80 yrs.)

Virtually no limit to what level audio environment you can create.  20-30-40-56-Transducer Home Theater rooms!

Compatible with all Amplifiers and Receivers of at least 80 watts per channel!
(separate amplification may be required on larger systems )

Seamless Surround Sound Imagery:
NO Dipole speaker can do better what we do INVISIBLY!!

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Projection verses Conventional Television

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